Dia de los Tres Reyes Magos

Epiphany: The final day of 12 Days of Christmas! Many Mexican Catholics celebrate this holiday (holy day) with the Roscon de Reyes. Many women named “Reina” celebrate their Name days today. This day we recognized the Three Magi that came from the East and brought gifts for the child Jesus, as the Messiah and anticipating his death. My sister asked what was the significance of the cake? For those that don’t know the Roscon de Reyes is a cake that hides a small figure of Jesus inside, and someone would eventually find it in their slice of cake. The Magi were searching and they found Christ. This little cake is a symbol of the importance of having Christ in our lives and inviting Him in our Christmas celebration. In this age where it’s so easy with our consumerist culture to disassociate Christ and Christmas, that even a simple cake on January 6th could easily lose religious significance if we allowed the secular culture to take the lead. I know some people exaggerate about a “War on Christmas,” except for the legal cases acknowledged by the Ebenezer Awards, but there is still a religious indifferentism that most of us need to overcome. Christmas is not a secular holiday. Though the 12 Days of Christmas is coming to a close, we must continue to have Jesus Christ in our lives, even in little spiritual reminders like a Roscon de Reyes cake.





Four calling birds!

Today is the Feast of the Holy Innocents. The 4th day of Christmas. For most of the United States the Christmas season is over. The commercials for Christmas sales are gone. On the airwaves the Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra songs are no longer playing on the local radio stations. The movies about “saving Christmas” and “holiday romance” have faded back to the usual TV movies and shows that were playing in November. Many people have gone back to work, trying to earn back the money they have already spent on presents for their loved ones. However, on the liturgical calendar the Catholic Church continues to celebrate the true 12 days of Christmas: 25 of December 25 to the 6 of January. It has been the tradition in the Western world longer than the Macy’s thanksgiving parade or “It’s a Wonderful Life” reruns have been around. While it may unusual to hold a holiday for the children that were killed by King Herod, there are many common holidays we celebrate to remember the deceased (e.g. Memorial Day in the United States and Day of the Dead in Mexico).  If you are willing to celebrate today, or next year, one great resource is Catholic Culture. They definitely present some wonderful ideas to do with your family. Merry Christmas!


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Water color and pen

I created the physical copies of these artwork, these are the images below.
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Glass and metal Sculpture

Modern Collectiv’s Art Exhibition this January 21, 2017 will have a “Glass” theme so I created this sculpture for my piece.

Modern Collectiv

These are the staff of Modern Collectiv, a company founded by Desiree Nicole. One of the ladies is Nicolette Barchak, 48, San Antonio, was a teenager her father got her interested in photography, her father enjoyed it as a hobby and Barchak started seeing the skills that was used to create the images from classes and passed them down to her. “As I learned this skills I fell in love with the art, it lead me to go to school for it.” In high school he took photography classes, being first one in the dark room and last one out all the time. She has held an eagerness to see the results of his images, wanting to see what she had captured. From film to digital photography Barchak has done both over the years. The dark room was where she developed her passion for photography, going through the process of developing the images and having them printed out. “To this day even though I work with digital I still have that passion I can’t wait to see the images once they’ve processed. With image editing software I can’t wait to see the final product after I’m finished.”

Mark Herrera, 30, San Antonio, gained inspiration to make art from an early age. He experimented with the colors of crayons to get green to draw Ninja Turtles. Ever since the day he made his Ninja Turtles green he continued, with the encouragement of his grandmother, to enjoy making art. Innovation continues to inspire him to make art pieces. His grandmother was very encouraging of his interest in art. Ever since he met Desiree Escobedo, he has collaborated with Modern Collectiv on the projects they have in store.

Mauricio Vasquez, 24, currently plays music in San Antonio, Texas but he had grown up in Mexico City. He records and performs songs under the name Fair Coyote. He grew up writing songs and playing piano in school. While he never had formal lessons in his early years, he did learn to play instruments through careful listening, and started writing his own songs by adolescents. He continues striving to reach a wider audience with his music, but music will always be a way of life for him no matter what. Its not merely a career path he sees in it but an art that can reach people. He gains inspiration to write music through his thoughts and listening to other music artists. When he does create a song it’s after having a moment of feeling alive, emotions from everyday life.He create an album for his label Fair Coyote, where he created fortuitious songs with his rise. He is working on a new album, with a more cohesive theme around the songs he is producing.

Christina Guerrero, 24, studied photography at The Art Institute of San Antonio, where she learned the craft of photography and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts. Learning the various forms of photography she found a particular interest in capturing still images of food. She continues to work in photo and video editing for clients, with experience in wedding photography. When Tina joined Modern Collectiv she felt like she could easily connect with the company’s people and goals.

Q & A with Desiree Esobedo.

1.Why did you decide to found Modern Collectiv?

Modern Collectiv has been one of those goals that seemed far away…you know the ones you wanna do but keep saying tomorrow. I had enough of the tomorrow’s and wanted to make sure it wasn’t just a dream but a goal that I can reach to help emerging artists who are trying to get their works out there. It was difficult trying to figure out how we can incorporate a design firm with an art gallery, not only offering businesses design services but also art collections for business and personal collectors.

2. Why did you name it Modern Collectiv?

Modern Collectiv speaks for itself, we are a collective of today’s artists collaborating together on art & design

3. How do you know if someone is right for your organization, do you look for certain people?
If you are an inspiring Artist, we wanna hear and see your work, if you’re a business we’d love to help grow your business. If you have no idea of how to start collecting art, we are here to help you from matching you with an artist to placement of the work(s) in your establishment. Then there’s the general public who just wants to support the arts, we are all for it-let’s support the artists!!
4. What lead you to eventually create Modern Collectiv?
A local San Antonio artist myself, I’ve been designing since 2007. I personally know the struggles of an artist trying to get your foot in the door, it’s not easy-this is the main reason why it’s important to expose the works of many unseen talent. Others cannot appreciate work that hasn’t had the chance to be seen. MC builds confidence and brings works above the surface to share with the public. There’s more planned for MC, we will expand towards helping the youth find their voice through art. Maybe one day their will be a Modern day Salvador Dalí.


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My Internship

I spent time interning with Modern Collectiv, they are a firm that has helped clients in their media production needs. Here is a facebook post of me, I had written the post describing myself, its all true.

I was in charge of researching places to follow on Twitter, many were peer reviewed by Christina Guerrero.



My Magazine: Taste of STMU

My magazine took a while to make. It was the first major project I did that involved using a wide variety of photos that I had taken, editing the written content and making the article that makes the cover page. It was still a fun experience and it helped me learn to get through some major hoops in future projects.