Εrick Cerritοs is a graduate from St Mary’s University, where he studied and received his Bachelor’s degree in English Communication Art in the fall of 2016. Graphic design, writing, and investigative journalism, he shares stories he believes are worth telling. Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, he learned that communicating to the world about the Catholic faith was important to him. He has deep roots in Mexican culture, with parents who are Mexican immigrants visiting Mexico has been a large part of his life and contributed to his deepened Catholic faith and love of Mexican food. Always the animal lover, he has volunteered extensively with multiple animal rescue organizations, such as Animal Care Services, something that even a dog attack at the age of four did not impede.

He enjoys the unusual, and as the storyteller and lover of Christ, he writes about culture with a focus on religion and philosophy as well as literature, morals, and fictional stories primarily on his website. He currently lives with his parents, three sisters and three dogs in San Antonio. He hopes he can make a difference in the world by bringing others to Christ through media.